trulia steps it up a notch

Trulia just rolled out some new tools for viewing listings and also to see housing growth over time since 1900. This is a really really nice implementation of the microsoft virtual earth service and trulia did a great job. Big kudos to their developers on this…

Trulia Snapshot  (preloaded with Corona’s newest listings) – play around with this tool. Its just awesome.

Other tools


~ by razor on June 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “trulia steps it up a notch”

  1. I like what you have going on here. You are providing some realities about what is going on in Eastvale. There are a lot of REOs and foreclosures, but the homes are being purchased quickly in the area. I’m a REALTOR and work the area extensively and I’ve encountered numerous properties with over 15 offers on them! Check out my site:
    I have a lot about Eastvale on there. Keep up the good work

  2. Hi Mike! Nice of you to stop by and take a look. Hopefully over time people will snap up the vacant props. I know of several investment companies just waiting to swoop in and buy lots of homes at firesale prices. In fact one has already bought a couple in my immediate neighbourhood at auction only to immediately flip them and list them for a profit. As the prices come down and banks get realistic about what they can price the houses at they are indeed selling them. I think its just a matter of time since they are swamped with properties. Also, they are likely trying to spread their losses over a longer period of time. Imagine what would happen to the banks’ stock prices if they realized all of their losses right away. Scary.

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