foreclosure help and loan modification scams everywhere!

Hey everyone,

A lot of people are seeking help with their foreclosure or loan troubles. Everyday I am bombarded by google ads, billboards on the freeway, those small signs shoved into the ground and attached to poles at the major intersections, banners in the newspaper and pretty much everywhere else I look with ads proclaiming things like “stop foreclosure now!” “fix your mortgage now!”, etc, etc… Many people are getting roped in by these promises because its what’s in front of their face every day and they are are desperate for assistance. Please understand that most if not all of these are scams of one sort or another. These companies are not there to truly help you. They are there to help themselves first. Having said that I compiled a short list of the best places to go for help. They are all HUD-approved and many are actual HUD sites.

HUD Guide to Avoiding foreclosure:

HUD Approved Housing Counselors:

HOPE For Homeowners: (some good info on the program here) (official site for the program)

Homeownership Preservation Foundation:

Hopefully by spreading the word about these “real deal” resources this will help someone prevent foreclosure or at the very least prevent someone from being scammed.

~ by razor on October 29, 2008.

One Response to “foreclosure help and loan modification scams everywhere!”

  1. Our law firm has been getting many calls recently from homeowners who have been scammed out of thousands of dollars by the new predatory lending field of loan modification companies. It is very important to THOROUGHLY check out anyone who proposes help saving your home… in many cases these companies are operating ILLEGALLY… check the CA DRE website for a list of companies that ARE LEGAL… add to that list any licenced lawyer… those are the people you should consider… skip over the others. And yes, we are eagerly taking these cases against the new breed of scam artists.
    – Paul J. Molinaro, Esq.

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